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"I knew a king struck by dementia praecox whose madness consisted of thinking he was king."
Francis Picabia

On an island an old man wracked with dementia dreams he was once a king. Together with his two duaghters they exist in the wake of a bizarre malady of mysterious origin, their surroundings remain mysteriously devoid of animal life. His youngest obsessively builds rubble walls around her father's hermitage in strange megalithic-type configurations in a feverish attempt to stave off a return of the virus.

Following a series of encounters with an obnoxious neighbour, a Chinese billionaire desperate to contract the disease and a sousaphone player in search of his band mates, the malady appears to return. The social order, already precarious, crumbles as the virus takes hold once again.

Current Status

The shoot wrapped this Feburary (2017) and we are currently working our way through post-production. Maneland is scheduled for completion in August 2017.

Production Stills

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